Whats the difference between marlboro reds and marlboro eighty-threes?

According to some sources, the only difference between Marlboro Reds and Marlboro 83s is the length. Marlboro 83s are slightly longer.

However, some tobacco users report that there is a slight taste difference, with the 83 being smoother or “mellower.”

Marlboro Reds and associated Marlboro products are Phillip Morris products.

Phillip Morris USA originally marketed its cigarette to women, and early brands had a printed red band around the filter to hide the lipstick stains. They began to market to men in the 1950s after scientists published reports on the dangers of cigarettes.

Because people thought that filtered cigarettes were safer, and the current Marlboros being marketed to women had filters, Phillip Morris sought to target the men who wanted a safer cigarette. This was the beginning of the Marlboro cowboy era of advertising.

Philip Morris USA supports QuitAssist.com. This and other Altria tobacco companies designed the free information resource to help connect adult tobacco users who have decided to quit to expert cessation information from public health authorities and others. QuitAssist suggests five keys for quitting smoking.

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