What is the name of these oxy-salts: NaBrO, NaBrO2, NaBrO3 and NaBrO4?

Oxy-salt names:

  • NaBrO- Sodium hypobromite
  • NaBrO2- Sodium bromite
  • NaBrO3- Sodium bromate
  • NaBrO4- Sodium perbromate

Oxy-salt is any salt of an oxy-acid. A salt containing oxygen as well as a given anion, as FeOCl or BiONO 3.- Dictionary.com

A chemical compound is a substance consisting of two or more chemically bonded chemical elements, with a ratio determining the composition.

Of interest, nineteen elements on the periodic table including gold, cadmium, arsenic and aluminum are getting their atomic weights adjusted. The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) announced that they've approved new weights for the elements. Learn more at LiveScience.com.

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Monday, February 17 2014