Whats the fastest way to make yourself pee for a urine test

Not Medical Advice: There are a variety of methods to help make yourself urinate quickly for a urine test:

The first way is to drink a lot of water.

Drink a lot of caffeine, which can be found in tea, soft drinks and energy drinks. Caffeine is a strong diuretic and it produces more blood flow in the kidneys, causing the liquid waste to move into the bladder.

Lastly, try to focus your brain on something else so you will go naturally (and running the faucet to hear the sound of running water can't hurt).

New research shows urine is not as sterile as was once thought. A study consisting of 90 women revealed bacteria in urine of both healthy participants and ones who suffer from an overactive bladder. Get the scoop from WebMD.

Updated on Tuesday, November 11 2014 at 03:51AM EST
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