What is Daniel tosh's dogs name?

As of 2012, Daniel Tosh has 2 dogs, which are named Castro and Eva. They're both Havanese, which is a breed that is considered to be the national dog of Cuba. They're a type of Bichon, very similar to the popular Bichon Frise, and are also known as "Havana Silk Dogs".

It's believed that Castro was named after past Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. While it's uncertain why Tosh named his dog Eva, it's a common Cuban name for a female. In a 2008 interview with Get Real Denver, Tosh mentioned that he grew up in Florida and related to this stated, "I have a lot of Cuban influences."

You can follow Daniel Tosh on Twitter and Facebook. However, he is known to be a more active Twitter user.

Updated on Saturday, September 29 2012 at 05:16PM EDT
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