In relation to the Alpha Xi Delta sorority, what does TFJ stand for? Definitely not Thanks For Joining.

Ten women at Lombard College in Galesburg, Illinois committed to founding a women’s fraternity focused on personal growth. In 1893, this came to fruition with the founding of Alpha Xi Delta. From that original group of 10 young women grew a national collective that today numbers over 150,000.

“TFJ” is used as a greeting or signature among Alpha Xi Delta members. Its meaning is supposed to be a secret known only to fraternity members. However, truth, friendship and justice are the three concepts at the core of the Alpha Xi Delta philosophy. Truth, friendship, justice: TFJ.

Alpha Xi Delta refers to themselves as a women’s fraternity, not a sorority. There is debate over the difference in meaning, such as founding dates and purpose of the organization. In fact, the two terms are interchangeable. Whether “sorority” or “women’s fraternity” is used is entirely at the discretion of the founding members.

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