What is the alcohol content in angry orchard hard cider?

Must be 21: The alcohol content depends on the flavor of Angry Orchard Hard Cider. Traditional Dry has 5.5% alcohol by volume, while Apple Ginger and Crisp Apple each have 5.0% alcohol by volume.

If you want to try a new drink utilizing Angry Orchard Hard Ciders, try filling a pint glass halfway with Samuel Adams Summer Ale, and then topping the rest of the pint up with the Crisp Apple flavor.

For your Ginger flavor, add ice to a pint glass, add 1 ounce of pineapple vodka and a squeeze of lime, and top with Angry Orchard Ginger.

Speaking of cider, a Healdsburg-based Sonoma Cider has come to the attention of the business folks at Forbes, who named the new company as one of the nine “Hottest startups” of 2013. Check out more here.

Updated on Thursday, December 26 2013 at 04:07AM EST
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