How much are kirkland car batteries at costco?

We were able find a variety of Costco's Kirkland Signature automobile batteries at a variety of price points. Not all Costco locations have this brand of battery available for sale.

The least expensive battery we found supplies 760 amps of power (610 amps of cold cranking power at 32°F); model #12873 retails for $66.99. The highest priced Kirkland auto battery we found was model #12866; it supplies 1,000 amps/850 amps, and retails for $94.99.

Sources suggest that when you return a battery to Costco within 36 month you'll receive a full refund minus the disposal fee. Expect to pay a disposal fee again if you buy a new battery. calls Kirkland car batteries one of the 7 best car batteries for your vehicle. Find a lengthy discussion on the battery at ConsumerPete.

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In vehicle battery buzz, Honda recently revealed to the public a model house built around the Fit EV sedan at the University of California at Davis. Tenants of the residence will have to go elsewhere to use a hydrogen filling station to refuel an electric car's fuel cell. Learn more from The New York Times.

Updated on Monday, March 31 2014 at 03:29AM EDT
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