Are Chanel West Coast and Drama engaged?

Sources suggest that Chanel West Coast (aka Chelsea Chanel Dudley) announced her engagement to Chris "Drama" Pfaff on her official Facebook account in October 2011. There's no word yet on an exact wedding date and no word about a breakup...however:

In a September 2013 interview she stated "I'm not single and I'm not married yet. I date, but I like to keep that side personal."

Chanel is best known for working on Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory as Rob's receptionist and secretary. She is also a co-host of Ridiculousness and a model for Young and Reckless clothing.

Chris "Drama" Pfaff is Rob Dyrdek's cousin and co-owner of Young and Reckless. He has also appeared on Fantasy Factory and Ridiculousness.

Of interest, Chanel West Coast is currently a model for 'Lil Wayne's new fashion line Trukfit. Follow her on Twitter @chanelwestcoast to keep up-to-date on her latest adventures.

Updated on Tuesday, April 01 2014 at 02:57AM EDT
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