What is a kookaroo? Mentioned get him to the greek

Koo Koo Roo In Get Him to the Greek, Diddy says he "...own[s] 21 Koo Koo Roos. Y'all don't own one Koo Koo Roo."

He is referring to a chain of chicken bistro restaurants, and even says "everyone loves chicken."

The Koo Koo Roo restaurant chain closed 10 of its last 13 locations in 2010 as part of a bankruptcy reorganization. The three stores left are those located in Santa Monica, West Hollywood, and the Larchmont neighborhood of L.A.. However, it was reported in 2012 that the Larchmont Village Koo Koo Roo also closed down and there are only two Koo Koo Roo locations remaining in their portfolio. The final two are located as follows:

  • West Hollywood
  • 8520 Santa Monica Boulevard

  • Santa Monica

  • 2002 Wilshire Boulevard

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