What is a kookaroo? Mentioned get him to the greek

In Get Him to the Greek, Diddy says he "...own[s] 21 Koo Koo Roos. Y'all don't own one Koo Koo Roo."

Koo Koo RooHe is referring to a chain of chicken bistro restaurants, and even says "everyone loves chicken."

In an article of L.A. Times published in 2010, its states that Koo Koo Roo suffered from competition from other restaurant chains, confusion over frequent changes to its menu and the high cost of real estate leases in Southern California. The company sought to offer high-quality food, which made the restaurants expensive to run.

The once-growing chain closed 10 locations in 2010, leaving just three: Santa Monica, Larchmont and West Hollywood. Dwayne Chambers, senior vice president for marketing of Magic Brands said that they will remain open, as they've all been profitable.

But after several years it collapsed. Larchmont Village Koo Koo Roo closed on October 18, 2012, West Hollywood Koo Koo Roo closed on September 29, 2013, while the last Koo Koo Roo (the one in Santa Monica) has closed down in 2014.

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Thursday, June 01 2017
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