How much is walmart fried chicken?

A 2013 review reveals that the price for 8 pieces of Wal-Mart deli fried chicken is $6.98. Prices will vary per store location.

An anecdotal report suggests a price of $39.98 for 50 pieces (12 bre@sts, 12 thighs, 13 legs, and 13 wings). This is about $12 more than what is listed in a 2006 online Wal-Mart deli brochure. You can see the brochure here.

It takes about 45 minutes for Wal-Mart deli fried chicken to be made-to-order.

One piece of Wal-Mart deli fried chicken, around 3 ounces, has 230 calories, 150 of which comes from fat.

This is what is printed on a Wal-Mart deli fried chicken container:

Ingredients: Chicken portions, water, salt, sodium phospates, onion powder, garlic powder. Battered with: water, wheat flour, modified cornstarch, salt, leavening (sodium acid pyrophosphate, sodium bicarbonate, monocalcium phophate), onion powder, garlic powder. Breaded with: wheat flour, salt, wheat gluten, spices, garlic powder, onion powder. Breading is set in vegetable oil.

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