How much is walmart fried chicken?

Prices for fried chicken at Walmart vary by store location, but we found one of their brochures which should give you a ballpark figure to use.

Their 50-piece Party Pack with Sides, which serves 20-25 people costs about $40. This includes 12 breasts, 12 thighs, 13, legs, 13 wings, 2 dozen rolls, and any two of the following, 4 pounds of: potato, mustard potato, macaroni or coleslaw.

They also offer the chicken (same count) with no sides for about $28.

Lastly they offer a 100-piece fried chicken with no sides for about $55, this includes 25 breasts, 25 thighs, 25 legs, and 25 wings, and should serve about 45 to 50 people.

WalMart food is so yummy

Updated on Sunday, May 13 2012 at 11:10PM EDT
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