Why did Jeff Dunham get a divorce?

Jeff Dunham (born April 18, 1962 in Dallas, Texas) and Paige Brown Dunham were married on May 19, 1994, and separated in November 2008, having their divorce finalized in May 2010. Over the course of their 14 year marriage they had three daughters together: Bree, Ashlyn, and Kenna.

Achmed the dead terroristRumors of infidelity floated around for a long time, and at some point Paige suggested that Jeff's current wife, Audrey (Jeff's nutritionist and a fitness model), is just one reason for the divorce. In discussing the divorce in 2010, however, Paige said "I'm not proud of my mistakes, but I own them and really only Jeff and I know the complete truth."

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In TV shows and movies, the typical divorce narrative is to portray women as celebrated victims. Meanwhile, men are depicted as silent sufferers who feel resentment, anger, depression and fear over lingering financial issues, relationship turmoil and worries over breaking up their families.

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Monday, April 04 2016

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