what are the jesse stone movies in order

Tom Selleck (born Thomas William Selleck on 1/29/1945 in Detroit, Michigan), best known for the Magnum P.I. TV series, has so far been in 8 Jesse Stone movies. In order:

  • (2005) Jesse Stone: Stone Cold
    (2006) Jesse Stone: Night Passage
    (2006) Jesse Stone: Death in Paradise
    (2007) Jesse Stone: Sea Change
    (2009) Jesse Stone: Thin Ice
    (2010) Jesse Stone: No Remorse
    (2011) Jesse Stone: Innocents Lost
    (2012) Jesse Stone: Benefit of the Doubt

No word on whether or not more Jesse Stone movies are in the pipeline.

Selleck currently stars in CBS's drama Blue Bloods. The show is currently in its 4th season.

Of interest, Selleck did the voiceover for a 30-second Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC commercial called “Your Home” that aired during the recent 2014 Oscars. Find out why the company is close to his heart at the Wall Street Journal.

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