If you forget your password to your snapchat account how do you get it back?

If you forgot your Snapchat username or password, you can request that it be sent to your email by filling out the form on their website here. If you are still experiencing problems, email Snapchat at support@snapchat.me.

Snapchat’s messaging service (messages are deleted after 10 seconds or less) is worth about $3 billion. The app has about 5 million users sharing more than 150 million snaps every day.

Speaking of Snapchat, Facebook accidentally released a Snapchat clone called Slingshot. Shortly afterward, the company removed the app from public view. Facebook would like you to know this: it will be "ready soon and we're excited for you to try it out." Get the scoop from the Los Angeles Times.

Updated on Wednesday, July 30 2014 at 03:09AM EDT
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