How can you tell if some on kik has blocked you

You won't be able to know if someone has blocked you on Kik Messager until you send them a message. If you've been blocked, you'll see a D beside your message but the person you sent it to will never receive it. In other words, the D will not change to an R.

Kik Messenger customer services says to date there is no way to know if someone on your Kik has deleted you from their list of contacts. If someone has deleted you, that person's display name will still appear on your list of People you've talked to.

Unlike other messengers, Kik uses usernames - not phone numbers - as the basis for Kik accounts, so their users are always in complete control of who they talk to on Kik. Check out some Kik messenger tips and tricks that will show you more amazing features you might not know at

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