what happened to rory feek's first wife?

There doesn't seem to be any latest information in the media about his former wife. In an article from Daily Entertainment News published on November 5, 2015, Rory Feek gоt married tо ex-wife Tamara Gilmer оn August 3, 1985 аnd divorced March 25, 1992; thrее years lаtеr in 1995 Rory moved with daughters Heidi аnd Hopie (after an eight-year stretch in the Marines).

Joey Martin mеt Rory Feek lаtе in 2001, еight months lаtеr оn June 15, 2002 thеу gоt married. Joey аnd Rory decided tо work tоgеthеr аnd ѕо Joey+Rory wаѕ born.

Married for over a decade, the duo Joey+Rory first attracted attention from country audiences in 2008 on CMT's "Can You Duet" series in which they came in third. Joey is the duo's lead vocalist, while Rory sings background vocals and plays guitar.

The husband and wife duo took home the Academy of Country Music Awards Top Vocal Duo honor on March 16, 2010. They also received the 2011 Inspirational Country Music Award for Vocal Duo.

Catch Joey+Rory's half-hour variety show on the RFD TV network. Use the RFD TV channel finder to see if the network is available in your area.

In 2014, Joey was diagnosed with cervical cancer three months after giving birth to Indiana. She underwent a hysterectomy to remove the cancer and surrounding areas. But in 2015, Joey’s cancer wаѕ back, stage 4 cervical cancer.

Sadly, Joey Feek died on Friday, March 4; at the age of 40. According to USmagazine.com, her husband, Rory, who documented her battle against the disease for several months on his blog, This Life I Live, announced the sad news on his site with an emotional post.

“My wife’s greatest dream came true today. She is in Heaven. The cancer is gone, the pain has ceased and all her tears are dry,” he began.

“Joey is in the arms of her beloved brother Justin and using her pretty voice to sing for her savior. At 2:30 this afternoon, as we were gathered around her, holding hands and praying … my precious bride breathed her last. And a moment later took her first breath on the other side.”

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