Who died from the T.V. Show pawn stars ??

No one died. The cast of History Channel's Pawn Stars are all alive and well.

Chumlee was the latest victim of a social media hoax. It started to swirl on social media after a website called EBuzzd posted a story about it. The website claimed Chumlee died of a heart attack at the age of 31. The website did later recant the story as it wasn’t true. Kansas City Star pointed out the only thing the death hoax story got right about Chumlee was his age at the time.

Rick Harrison – Chumlee’s boss at Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas – also noticed the death hoax and took to Twitter to reassure fans that the Pawn Stars co-star was just fine. In fact, Rick mentioned the fact that Chumlee had actually lost 101 pounds and was in “the best health of his life” at the time the hoax started to swirl.

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