Who died from the T.V. Show pawn stars ??

The Pawn Stars' ShopThere were rumors that Austin "Chumlee" Russell of Pawn Stars recently died from a cannabis overdose, but those rumors were merely a hoax. Chumlee is Cory Harrison's childhood friend.

At the end of one episode of Pawn Stars, a screen popped up saying that the episode was in memory of Leonard Shafer. Shafer was a coin collector/dealer based in Burbank, California that the Harrison family knew. He appeared in a few episodes of the show appraising coins that were brought into the shop.

The Harrisons, father Richard, son Rick, and grandson Corey are all fine, and the Pawn Stars series is not ending due to anyone dying; Shafer was not a member of their family.

The Harrison clan runs the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Of interest, “Pawn Stars” reality-TV hero Rick Harrison has created a Trivia Challenge app for your smartphone and laptop. It’s a speed trivia game with thousands of questions in 15 categories ranging from pop culture to the more scholarly.

Rick created many of the brain-bending teasers. It’s the debut game with Las Vegas partner Jim Scott for their new company Old Man Interactive, the name a nod to Rick’s father, Richard Harrison, who admits that he can barely operate a computer. Catch more at Las Vegas Sun.

Updated on Tuesday, January 13 2015 at 03:36AM EST
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