Where is his former wife mirtha jung and their daughter?

While we found no online information on where Mirtha Jung’s (George Jung's ex-wife) current residence is located, anecdotal sources suggest that daughter Kristina Jung is currently living in California together with her husband and children.

In an interview with George Jung by KTEP Local aired on October 19, 2014, he said that he is residing in the Bay area in San Francisco. And when asked about him living with her daughter, he said that "she lives close by and she has a life of her own..."

George Jacob Jung also known as Boston George, was one of the biggest c0caine smugglers ever. In the 1970s and early 1980s Jung was a member of the famous Medellin Cartel, which was responsible for over 85 percent of all the c0caine on the US market.

He became famous to the big public in 2001 after his life story was portrayed in the hit movie “Blow”, starring Johnny Depp as Jung and Penélope Cruz as Jung’s Colombian wife.

Jung was originally sentenced for 60 years in prison, but two decades later, the former drug kingpin got released after testifying against his former accomplice.

Depp and Jung hung out for the first time since the inspiration for "Blow" was released from jail, see photo here.

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