Is prostitution legal in san juan peurto rico

No. Prostitution in Puerto Rico has always been seen as taboo and illegal. However, due to its sagging economy, Puerto Rico is contemplating different proposals intended to jumpstart its declining economy, including the legalization of prostitution.

Puerto Rico's economy has been mired in a recession for nearly a decade, leading some analysts to refer to it as the "Greece of the Caribbean," reports CNBC.

After years of profligate spending, Puerto Rico's overall debt burden is roughly $70 billion, which amounts to approximately 70 percent of the island's annual product.

However, not all of the public debt is actually guaranteed by the government: For the most part, debt held by public corporations, such as the electric utility PREPA, is not guaranteed, and the government recently acted to erase any perception of an implicit guarantee of that debt.

That leaves only about $40 billion in debt that is constitutionally guaranteed or supported by taxes, or roughly 40 percent of Puerto Rico's GDP, quite manageable by sovereign standards. The average debt-to-GDP ratio in the EU is more than twice that amount and in Greece it's more than five times that amount. Read more here.

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