Are jeff lewis & his boyfriend gage, from flipping out, still a couple?

Yes. Jeff Lewis and his partner Gage Edward of BRAVO's Flipping Out are happy together and are finally settled into their newly remodeled Los Angeles home. Rumor has it that the two are talking about getting engaged and starting a family.

Jeff and Gage live with their three dogs, one cat and loyal housekeeper (and fan favorite) Zoila Chavez.

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It's been a long road to fatherhood for Jeff and Gage, something that they've been open about on and off of Flipping Out. After considering fost-adopt and private adoption and encountering "every horror story known to man," as Jeff described to Extra in June, the couple finally decided to pursue surrogacy.

Just recently, the Flipping Out star wished us "Happy Holidays from our family..." in a tweet that included photos of his and partner Gage Edward's six embryos (numbers 6, 14, 9, 2, 10, and 4, to be exact), showing that their baby has finally been conceived. Find out more at

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