What kind of heart condition did juice from devils ride die of?

Charles Krebs III a.k.a. Juice was a cast member of the Discovery Channel’s unscripted show The Devil’s Ride. In March 2012 he died of a heart attack. His specific ailment was not mentioned, but it was known that he had a pre-existing heart condition prior to his death.

News of Juice’s heart condition and passing came during the season one finale of The Devil’s Ride. The episode made note of Juice’s hard-living lifestyle and featured a scene in which Juice, speaking to his long-estranged father, says doctors want to see him ASAP regarding his heart.

The second season of The Devil's Ride raced back on to Discovery on February 18, 2013 at 10pm ET/PT. Sit back and watch the biker war that is coming to the streets of San Diego.

Of interest, earlier this year Devil's Ride star Robert "Sandman" Johnston was arrested for allegedly stabbing a man during a burglary. Melis, self-named "the crazy red head" on the show says Johnston thought she was in danger and came to her defense.

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