How much did Floyd mayweather pay for his fiance's engagement ring?

It is rumored that Floyd Mayweather paid over $2.5 million for Shantel Jackson's engagement ring! His jeweler had to hire a team of engineers to make the ring.

Miss Jackson's ring is 99.9% diamonds that are held together with tiny, platinum brackets. The main stone is an 18-carat diamond that is about the size of an unshelled walnut. It is surrounded by 10 one-carat diamonds that dot the shank.

He also bought her a $16 million dollar necklace. Called The Heart of Eternity, the necklace contains a blue diamond that weighs 27.64 carats.

According to Enstarz Floyd Mayweather ended his engagement to model Shantel Jackson, and it seems he has shifted his affections to rumored former flame, rapper Lil' Kim. Find out more here.

In boxing news, according to, Floyd Mayweather Jr has hinted the long-awaited encounter against Manny Pacquiao will never go ahead while the Fillipino star remains with promoter Bob Arum. Catch more at ESPN.

Updated on Thursday, December 26 2013 at 04:11AM EST
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