When is underworld 5 being released?

No exact release date has been announced for the fifth movie in the Underworld series, often referred to as Underworld 5. However, several movie sites have stated that it should be coming out sometime in 2014. It's been rumored that Sony Pictures wants to release the movie within 2 years of the last one in the series, going against the trend of releasing an Underworld movie every 3 years.

The original Underworld was released on September 19, 2003, Underworld: Evolution was released on January 20, 2006, Underworld: Rise of the Lycans was released January 23, 2009, and Underworld: Awakening was released January 20, 2012. While it's not totally certain that a fifth Underworld will be made, lead actress of the series Kate Beckinsale stated in August 2012 that she expects a fifth movie will be made, but she's not sure if she will decide to be in it.

On Tuesday April 24, 2012, Sony Pictures registered the URL "UnderworldBattle.com", which led many to speculate that the next movie in the series will be called Underworld: Battle. However, this link just leads to an advertisement for the DVD release of Underworld: Awakening and a short web-based video game based on the movie.

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