Are michael ballard and angie from the full throttle saloon going to have a baby? *jml.kgl<3

Yes. Mike and Angie Ballard's baby girl arrived on Sunday March 30, 2014 at 11:08pm and she was named Emillie Grace Lynn Ballard.

Mike and Angie Ballard are proud to announce the

Previously, the couple had gone through an unsuccessful pregnancy. So they tried to keep things low key during Angie’s pregnancy. Wanting to be sure everything was good and on track before spreading the news. They confirmed the good news during the December 16, 2013 episode of “Full Throttle Saloon”.

Regular Sturgis-goers and fans of the famous motorcycle bar, Full Throttle Saloon may finally have their answer of whether the business will rebuild after its recent fire or not. As with the most important of breaking news in this modern age, the news will come in the form of reality television. Find out more at

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