Do people use the pill imprinted tv 150 3 to get high and can u get hooked on it

Not Medical Advice:

The white round pill with the imprint 3 TV 150 is Acetaminophen and codeine phosphate 300 mg / 30 mg and classified as a Schedule III controlled substance.

Because it’s an opioid prescribed to treat chronic pain, people can become dependent on it and may eventually misuse it to get a euphoric high.

Codeine can produce drug dependence of the morphine type. Psychological dependence, physical dependence, and tolerance may develop upon repeated administration and it should be prescribed and administered with the same degree of caution appropriate to the use of other oral narcotic medications.

Too much acetaminophen can cause long-term liver damage and may eventually lead to liver disease. Overdoses of codeine can result in the shutting down of the respiratory system and result in death.

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Friday, December 11 2015


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