Who was Victor Wayne Harris on 'Seinfeld' ?

Victor Wayne Harris was mainly an assistant prop master for the Seinfeld TV series. However he did appear in the episode The Pilot during the scene where George is calling for test results. At the end of the scene, Harris is the man in a white t-shirt and a cap approaching the phone.

Watch side video: The man who walks up at the end was Victor Wayne Harris.

He also appeared in the episode Wig Master as a man at the Jiffy Park. He was uncredited in both episodes.

After Harris’ death in August of 1996 due to stroke, the episode The Soul Mate which was aired on September 26, 1996 was dedicated to him.

View Victor Wayne Harris’ filmography at IMDb.

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Friday, April 07 2017
Source: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0365419/

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