Is danielle and mike from american pickers dating?

No. Mike Wolfe and Danielle Colby of the History Channel's American Pickers are not dating.

Mike Wolfe is married to Jodi Faeth. They live in south of Nashville with their daughter Charlie and their two beloved Australian blue heelers, Ruby and Scout.

Danielle on the other hand is married to Alexandre De Meyer, who designs T-shirts. Aside from her job at Antique Archaeology, Danielle is a mother of three, fashion designer and burlesque dancer who owns the burlesque troupe Burlesque Le’ Mustache.

"American Pickers" is a documentary series on the History Chanel that explores the world of antique ‘picking.’ The show follows two of the most skilled pickers in the business, Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz, as they embark on an epic road trip across the U.S. in search of valuable antiques - from motorcycles, classic cars and bicycles to one-of-a-kind vintage memorabilia.

Follow them on Twitter - @americanpickers for the latest news and updates.

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Friday, July 22 2016


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