How old is Jenifer from Shipping Wars and is she married? my fiance wants to know if she is.

Jennifer Brennan from Shipping Wars is 47 years old.

Jennifer Brennan was born and raised on a cattle ranch in Texas and spent a lot of summers growing up with family in Alabama. She learned the meaning of a hard day’s work at an early age. Her love of horses continued when she participated with her family in the rodeo circuit.

After college, Jennifer’s roots came calling back and she began not only training and riding horses, but transporting exotic quarter horses and livestock around the country full time. Since joining uShip, Jennifer’s loads have expanded beyond just farm animals. Now a typical load for Jennifer can be anything from fainting goats to a water buffalo and a million-dollar Ferrari.

Keep up with Jennifer on the road by following her on Twitter @Jenn_brenn.

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Thursday, December 22 2016