Why did jeff dunham wife leave him?

Jeff Dunham (born 4/18/1962 in Dallas, Texas) and Paige Brown Dunham were separated in late 2008, and became officially divorced in mid-2010 after a 16-year marriage. Although the exact reasons were never disclosed, rumors of infidelity circulated for awhile, and Paige suggested that Jeff’s fiancé, now wife, was the reason for the divorce.

In 2010 Paige said, “I’m not proud of my mistakes, but I own them and really only Jeff and I know the complete truth.”

Jeff Dunham is a popular comedian and ventriloquist, known for his crass yet clever antics with his puppets.

Dunham is now married to Audrey Murd!ck, a fitness model and nutritionist.

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Monday, March 06 2017
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