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Anyone can Vox you once they download the free Voxer app. Voxer is designed to be a Walkie Talkie application for smartphones. Features Include:

  • Live Walkie Talkie
    Photo Messaging
    Group Chats
    Offline Capabilities
    Playback Capabilities

Messages are streamed live and encrypted. Friends can participate live or listen to them later. The app is available for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android devices.

The team behind Voxer was part of the team that developed the popular Danger Sidekick handheld device. They have also worked with Apple, Google, and Samsung.

Voxer is now available on the Windows desktop allowing those with Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1 Pro computers and tablets to participate in the walkie-talkie fun. Voxer Business service is $9.95 per user per month or or $99.95 paid annually.

Voxer.com offers troubleshooting tips for those experiencing a problem with the Voxer app.

Follow Voxer on Twitter @voxer for news about app updates and the latest features.

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Tuesday, October 07 2014

Source: http://www.voxer.com/about

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