How did blake sheltons brother die and when did he die. And how old was he.

Blake Shelton's older brother, Richie Shelton died in a car accident in 1990; he was only 24 years old. Shelton was 14 at the time his brother died and he inherited his record collection. Shelton talks about his brother's death in his Backstory episode on GAC-TV.

Miranda Lambert's song Over You was inspired by Richie Shelton's death. It was named Single Record and Song of the Year at the 2013 Academy of Country Music awards.

Shelton received the Gene Weed Special Achievement Award for his role as a coach on The Voice at the 48th Academy of Country Music Awards in 2013.

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In celebrity buzz, at the People's Choice Awards in January, Shelton admitted that he didn't have anything planned for Valentine's Day just yet. "I'm one of those guys that's always last minute, like, 'Oh dammit. It's here, it's here!' Get some flowers or something," he said. "I'm not good at planning surprises when it comes to Valentine's Day, but we'll definitely celebrate."

In an interview with Today's Carson Daly and Matt Lauer, Stefani shared how she and Shelton celebrated Valentine's Day. "We weren't together. I was here and he was in Oklahoma. He forgot!" she said. "No, just kidding. I got some beautiful flowers and lots of texts. It was fun." Well, as fun as spending the romantic holiday in separate states can be. "I mean, you know..." she said. "I'm in New York and he's in Oklahoma."

When Shelton's flowers arrived Tuesday, she documented the moment on Snapchat. "Wee! Wow, that's pretty," the pop star gushed. "Who's that for?" At first, she wasn't sure who the floral arrangement was from. "Um, no card?" she asked. Once the 47-year-old "Make Me Like You" singer figured it out, she thanked Shelton before beginning press for Revlon. Catch more scoop at EOnline.

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