Who is the actor in the new Heineken commercial

English Neil Jackson confirmed via Twitter that he is the star of Heineken's television commercial Deja Vu. Neil was born on March 5, 1976 in Luton, Bedfordshire, England and was an amateur boxing champion and a personal trainer before becoming an actor. He is also an aspiring musician.

Neil is best known for his roles as Marcus Van Sciver in the short lived Blade: The Series and as Sasha Beloff in the ABC Family drama series Make or Break It. The Make or Break It series finale aired on May 14, 2012.

Of interest, Neil recently released a limited edition autographed CD called The Little Things. It has 11 tracks and is exclusively available here. You can download singles from the album off iTunes and Amazon. You can also see him performing Holding a Candle live here.

Follow him on twitter @TheNeilJackson or visit http://www.neiljackson.me/ to get the latest updates.

In the news, Heineken sends travellers to surprise destinations as part of their global ‘Voyage’ campaign. The Departure Roulette will encourage travelers in Terminal 8 at JFK Airport to change their scheduled destinations and board a plane to an unknown place. Episodes will be launch via Heineken.com and YouTube on July 22nd. Heineken has also debuted a new TV commercial called ‘The Voyage’:

Thursday, July 18 2013

Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=isMifVpDe6w

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