Who is the actor in the new Heineken commercial

Benicio del Toro is the star of the latest Heineken's television commercials. The campaign featured three TV spots in both English and Spanish, along with several shorts just for the Web.

The commercials gave Del Toro the chance to show off some of his funny side.

In the campaign's inaugural spot, called, "Famous", Del Toro relaxes with two attractive women at a Barcelona restaurant. Suddenly, a tourist couple interrupts him to ask for a selfie. Del Toro obliges, only to be caught short when he overhears his fans address him as Antonio Banderas.

Born in Puerto Rico on February 19, 1967, Benicio Del Toro later entered University of California San Diego for law but eventually moved to New York and studied theater instead.

Following his Academy Award for Traffic, Del Toro took on other roles and was nominated for another best supporting actor Oscar for 21 Grams. Additional films include The Pledge, the two-part Che, Guardians of the Galaxy and Sicario.

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