Is the Nike fuel band water proof?

The Nike+ FuelBand is water-resistant, but not waterproof, so we don’t recommend swimming with it.

The FuelBand is designed to provide its users with the number of steps taken in a day, the time, and calories burned. Its main selling point is a newly created fitness metric called NikeFuel, which is based on the rate of oxygen consumption and motion. The wristband costs $149 if you get one from the Nike Store.

Nike has announced the Fuelband 2, which gains Bluetooth 4.0 support and a heart rate monitor. You'll be able to receive data and feedback from your iPhone and use jogging apps like Runkeeper that use Nike Fuelband data. At this time there is no public release date for the Fuelband 2.

Just in- A new report from RMS Research predicts that fitness sensors like the Fuelband 2 along with cycling and running computers and other sport trackers will achieve 56.2 million in sales over the next four years.

The latest Nike+ FuelBand app allows you to change your daily goal, view daily activity breakdown, and track your progress by week, month or year. It will also automatically send all your information to your Nike+ profile online. There's also the option to unlock achievements and share them with your Twitter and Facebook friends.

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