Is will jr off duck dynasty adopted

Willie and Korie from A&E's Duck Dynasty have five kids. Two aren’t biologically related to the couple.

Willie Jr. (Will) was adopted. Rebecca was an exchange student from Taiwan when she was 16. It went so well that arrangements were made for her to stay and continue her education in the US. She belongs to the LSU class of 2012.

Willie Sr. graduated from Harding University with a business degree (the only one in the family to hold one), and he and Korie (also a Harding graduate) have returned to the school to give talks.

Duck Dynasty's Season 4 is set to premiere on August 14, 2013. You'll meet the beard-less brother Alan Robertson, a full-time Louisiana pastor who left the pulpit to join his family as the newest cast member of the hit reality series, hoping to spread his faith to a larger audience.

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