where is the area code 526 from? as in what state or city?

According to the North American Numbering Plan, the area code 526 has yet to be assigned to an area in the United States and has been reserved for future use. Sources suggest that the area code is "spoofed." People have complained about receiving calls from tricksters calling from the 526 area in order to disguise their real phone number and claiming to be bill collectors, telephone surveyors, or telemarketers.

526 is the country code for Mexico (52) and covers Band 6 (6). Band 6 includes Aguascalientes, Altata, Celaya, Choix, Culiacan, Durango, Fresnillo, Guamuchil, Jalapa, Zacalecas, La Paz, Baja California, Leon, Los Mochis, Poza, Rica, Queretaro,Quinones, Vaja Ca.s, Silao, Tamazunchale, Tamico, Tam, Tepehuanes and Zacatecas. To dial out to Mexico from the US, you must dial 011, then 52, then the area code and phone number.

Curious about what area codes are assigned to which states? Check out the North American Numbering Plan's query page.

Of interest, people in Houston should prepare themselves to see the new 346 area code on their caller IDs very soon. The area code will allow the city to create 8 million new numbers. At this time, phone customers have no need to worry about having to give up their current area code. Find out more from the Houston Chronicle.

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