What is "Tickle's" real name on the show Moonshiners?

According to the official biography on Discovery Channel's website, Tickle is the only name used, similar to the way in which some actors and musicians use only a single name. We were however, able to find references to a first name from unofficial sources which strongly suggest his first name is Steve, specifically Steve Tickle of Virginia.

Things get a little cloudy when trying to dig up real details as it came to light last year that this reality show, Moonshiners, is not exactly "reality," but is rather a dramatization of what they claim are accurate portrayals of the secret lives of moonshiners.

Season 2 of Moonshiners ended with three special episodes. No news yet on the launch date of a third season.

Of interest, stars from the Discovery channel hit show made an appearance at Screwie Louie's Porpoise Pub in Seminole, Florida for a recent fundraising event. All the money raised went towards a young woman's medical bills. She was hit by a car in a crosswalk coming home from high school.

Wednesday, February 27 2013
Source: http://web.poptower.com/steve-tickle-moonshiners.htm