How much money do you win if you get 3 number right in a powerball lotto ticket? #<3 sweetie#

In Powerball drawings, you win $7 for 3 numbers without the Powerball. You will also win $7 for 2 numbers plus the Powerball.

You win the jackpot for all 5 numbers plus the Powerball. The jackpot amount varies depending on how many people buy tickets.

Other Powerball non-jackpot payouts are:

$4 for getting only the Powerball right
$4 1 number plus the Powerball
$100 for 3 numbers plus the Powerball
$100 for 4 numbers without the Powerball
$10,000 for 4 numbers plus the Powerball
$1,000,000 for 5 numbers without the Powerball

In latest buzz, no one matched all six Powerball numbers Saturday night, leading to the astronomical prize of $1.4 billion! And that is all but certain to grow again before the next drawing Wednesday, according to lottery officials. Find out more at

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Monday, January 11 2016


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