What does the different color dots mean on the bottom of a beer can

One popular myth says a dot on beer can bottoms indicates freshness levels.

The truth is that the Nordson Ink-Dot I.D. system identifies which spray paint machine (for creating the labels) coats each beer can on a factory line system.

A dot of ink is applied on the bottom of each can as it enters a machine.

A different color of ink is used for each machine so the source of any imperfect coatings can be instantly identified and repaired or replaced, rather than shutting down the entire line of machines.

On the topic of beer, a recent study by the Indiana University School of Medicine suggests that a single sip of beer can trigger reward-seeking behavior or extroverted behavior. It was discovered that the taste of the alcoholic beverage alone is enough to produce a dopamine (reward-related brain chemical) response in the brain. The reaction is said to be stronger in those with a family history of alcoholism.

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Saturday, June 01 2013