Is duck dynasty a scripted show?

Yes. The A&E reality show "Duck Dynasty" is partially scripted. The people on the show are not actors and they aren't given lines to read for the most part, but they are given situations to be involved in and activities to take part in by the makers of the show. The show is structured similarly to a situation comedy by the producers.

Interviews are at least partially planned out by the producers/directors of the show, and certain scenes and themes are most likely suggested by the makers. However, it's very difficult for any reality show to be completely unscripted, as even documentaries usually follow a structure of some sort.

It's also very hard for any reality show or documentary to be filmed without there being any influence from the show's makers. Even when the makers of a show or movie attempt to have no influence on the subjects of the show, just having a camera around can make people act differently than they normally would.

Regarding this, cast member Jase Robertson has stated, "The show is highlights of our lives. We are not actors. When you edit things into 22 minutes some of it may seem a bit staged."

With 9.6 million viewers, the third season finale of "Duck Dynasty", which aired on April 24, 2013, broke the A&E ratings record. It was the highest rated show of the night, beating out both Survivor and American Idol.