How much does rob get paid per episode of ridiculousness

While Rob Dyrdek's salary per episode of Ridiculousness is not published online, his net worth is $51 Million (in 2015). According to, he got huge fame after his reality TV shows Rob and Big from which he earned $4 million, Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory ($5.5 million) and Ridiculousness which generated $4.25 million for him.

The Professional street-skater rose to fame not merely by virtue of his well-publicized gifts skateboarding on asphalt, but as one of the most cunning and savvy young entrepreneurs in any field.

As per The Richest, Dyrdek parlayed his skateboarding passion into a multimillion-dollar fortune when he lined up a formidable array of corporate giants to sponsor him, then successfully designed and marketed his own trademark shoes and endorsed a seemingly limitless string of action figures, skateboards, and related accessories.

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