What flavor do suboxone come in?

Not Medical Advice:

Suboxone comes in 2 flavors, the sublingual tablets are lemon-lime flavor and the sublingual films are lime flavor. More than 71% of patients gave Suboxone film a favorable taste rating.

Suboxone is a schedule III narcotic medication used for the maintenance treatment of opioid dependence and is only available by prescription. The primary active ingredient is buprenorphine, which attaches to empty opioid receptors and suppresses withdrawal symptoms and reduces cravings for opiates. Suboxone also contains a narcotic antagonist that blocks the effect of narcotics and can cause severe narcotic withdrawal if injected.

Suboxone tablets will soon be discontinued by the manufacturer because they are harder to track and easier to misuse.

Thursday, September 06 2012

Source: http://www.suboxone.com/

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