Kik iPhone app won't load pictures in full view, how do I fix this problem?

Try to restart your phone, oftentimes the easiest way to solve the problem is by simply turning the device off and turning it on again. This is because the data stored in the device's RAM might be corrupted and cause the device to hang. Wait for at least 5-10 seconds before turning it on to make sure that it fully reset. If nothing happens, try to reinstall the application.

If you can’t open pictures you receive to view them in full-size or save them, the sender's connection probably wasn't strong enough when uploading or the phone used didn't completely finish uploading the picture. To fix this, open the picture again later or ask your friend to resend the picture.

Kik messenger is an instant messaging application available for iPhones, Android, Windows and Blackberry. You can use Kik to message your friends or even share photos. For you to use the application you need to download it first. However, the user needs to be connected to wifi to be able to use Kik.

Many of us are using Kik as a substitute for text messaging, especially for those people trying to stay away from expensive charges and text limits. If a friend signs up too, you'll both get a notification to connect on Kik.

Research found that some apps that aren't ranked very highly in terms of usage appear high up in the rankings due to the way they are designed. Messaging app Kik and music service Pandora fall into this category. Read more at Mobile World Live.

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Wednesday, May 07 2014