Is Paul Bedard from the tv show Gator Boys on animal planet married or have children?

No. Paul Bedard from the Animal Planet reality TV series Gator Boys is not married and has no children. There's no information published online stating that he is married or has children, and he hasn't mentioned having a wife or child on the show.

It's also uncertain whether or not he currently has a girlfriend or is dating anyone. His co-star, Jimmy Riffle, has mentioned in interviews that he has a girlfriend named Sara, who has also appeared on the show. It's likely that Bedard would have mentioned having a wife, child, or girlfriend in interviews as well.

Bedard is currently around 44 years old and has 20 years of experience wrangling and capturing alligators. He grew up in southeastern Massachusetts and has a degree from the University of Massachusetts. Before getting involved with rescuing alligators, he was a triathlete who competed at the highest level.

GATOR BOYS follows the death-defying exploits of Paul Bedard and Jimmy Riffle, two extraordinary alligator trappers who risk injury and death to hand-capture nuisance alligators that have invaded the back yards, swimming pools, garages and bedrooms of Florida Everglades residents.

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Wednesday, February 22 2017