Is NoNo hair removal sold at Walmart

No! no! Hair is not sold at Walmart at this time. You must purchase it from the manufacturer’s site if you want to ensure you’ll receive the latest model with the full money back guarantee.

The official No!no! website has a 60-day triple money back guarantee and sells the system for $284.80. This includes $14.95 for shipping and handling. You can also opt for 3 installment payments of $89.95 each.

Hair should be between 1 mm and 3 mm in length before using No!no! Hair. The smell of burning hair is perfectly normal. Be sure to use an alcohol-free moisturizing lotion like No!no! Smooth to soothe any temporary redness of the skin.

The most recent No! no! Hair research analysis to hit the media makes the following claim: “With No No Hair Removal in your corner, you’ll reduce the appearance of body hair by 70%. As with electrolysis, the No!No! often prevents your unwanted hair from re-growing completely. However, if it does grow back again, it’s baby fine and extremely hard to notice. You can go weeks or even months on end without repeating your hair removal routine – a real first!”

The item is not without its critics, so researching customer reviews is advisable.

Wednesday, September 12 2012