How old is Karen Minton WSB Atlanta meteorologists

Karen Minton was a 1972 graduate of Lodi High School in California. As the average age to finish high school is about 18, we suspect that while Karen does not look her age, she's likely in her 60th (or possibly 61st) year.

Karen Minton was born in San Pedro, California and graduated with a Bachelor's degree in biological sciences from the University of the Pacific in Stockton, California and finished the broadcast meteorology program at Mississippi State University.

Her career in television began at KOVR in Sacramento in 1981 where she worked as a weekend weather anchor. She moved to Atlanta in 1984 working as an on-camera meteorologist at the Weather Channel. Karen joined WSB-TV in Atlanta in 1986 and has been there since.

For more information, you can contact Karen Minton via email or visit WSB-TV.

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Thursday, April 09 2015