Is bradley cooper jewish or half jewish ?

Bradley Cooper 2009 Whatever Works by David Shankbone“I grew up Roman Catholic. I was baptized," the "Silver Linings Playbook" star told an interviewer in Details Magazine.

6' 1" Bradley Cooper's (born January 5, 1975 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) father, Charlie Cooper, is of Irish descent, and his mother, Gloria Cooper, is of Italian descent.

He graduated in 1993 from Germantown Academy in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania.

He got his first professional acting role in 1999, playing Jake in Sex and the City. He has 42 titles to his credit, thus far, including high profile roles in movies such as The Hangover, The A-Team, and The Hangover Part II.

The actor who recently separated from his English model-turned-actress girlfriend, Suki Waterhouse, after two years together, is currently working on four projects for 2015, including "Aloha," a rom-com with Emma Stone, "Joy," a biographical dramedy with Jennifer Lawrence, an untitled John Wells dramedy film with Jamie Dornan, and a Netflix remake of the 2001 satirical comedy cult film, "Wet Hot American Summer."

Cooper has also teamed up with Syfy in developing a novel with a trace of Catholic elements, into an event series.

The first story told is called “The Priest’s Tale: The Man Who Cried God,” an account of two of only several thousand remaining Catholic priests. Read more at

Wednesday, August 12 2015