How much does chumlee make a hour on pawn stars

The hourly wages of the “Pawn Stars” crew is unlisted but it can be estimated at nearly nothing compared to their History Channel income. It is reported that Chumlee, the show’s loveable knucklehead, pulls in $25,000+ per episode. He is known to have purchased a Maserati for $85,000—no lease, no financing. He also owns a Range Rover and has been seen being driven in a Rolls Royce.

Chumlee’s real name is Austin Russell. He works in Las Vegas’ 24 Hour Gold & Silver Pawn Shop. The business was opened by Rick Harrison and his father, known as The Old Man. Harrison’s son Corey later joined the business with his best friend since childhood, Chumlee.

Corey and Chumlee have made a grand a night for nightclub appearances around Las Vegas.

Thursday, April 19 2012