What are the bony landmarks of the abdominopelvic cavity?

The bony landmarks for the abdominopelvic cavity are dorsally, the vertabral column; laterally and anteriorly the pelvis.

Like the thorax, the trunk under the abdominal diaphragm consists of a large cavity surrounded by the body wall. This is called the abdominopelvic cavity. It has a fluid-filled sac and internal organs. The abdominopelvic cavity is bounded domineeringly by the abdominal diaphragm, which has holes in it for passage of structures to and from the thoracic cavity.

Inferiorly, the abdominopelvic cavity is bounded by the pelvic diaphragm, a new flat muscle with holes that lets structures pass out of it into a region of the pelvis called the perineum, which by description is that part of the trunk below the pelvic diaphragm.

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