How did cody lundin get to be so massively muscular?

Cody's massive musculature is from a lifetime of living off the land; Lundin even built his self-reliant off-the-grid house with his own two hands!

Cody Lundin, the former co-host of the hit series Dual Survival on the Discovery Channel, spent his young years bouncing around the world as a member of a military family. He spent much of his youth learning self-survival skills and hiking into the wilderness and mountains with minimal supplies for survival.

Dual Survival Cody Lundin updates are in short supply, these days, thanks to Discovery’s quick (and, to some, unceremonious) firing of the popular survivalist. What exactly happened between Cody and the network, and what is Cody up to now? The current Dual Survival Cody Lundin update brings you the latest from both fronts.

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Friday, August 26 2016