How did cody lundin get to be so massively muscular?

Cody's massive musculature is from a lifetime of living off the land; Lundin even built his self-reliant off-the-grid house with his own two hands!

Cody Lundin, co-host of the hit series Dual Survival on the Discovery Channel, spent his young years bouncing around the world as a member of a military family. He spent much of his youth learning self-survival skills and hiking into the wilderness and mountains with minimal supplies for survival.

It was originally reported that Cody's partner in the TV series, Dave Canterbury, left the show in September 2011 to focus on other commitments.

It seems that Canterbury embellished, and some might say outright lied, about his qualifications and his military background; for instance he had said that he was a Ranger when in fact he had only worked with Rangers. He also claimed to have both military and civilian survival training when in fact he has had none.

Now, after a long hiatus, Dual Survival is back, and with a new partner. Survivalist Joseph Teti made his debut with Cody recently in a one-hour special: Dual Survival: Unbraided.

Updated on Tuesday, February 26 2013 at 04:43PM EST