Does paint from day glow parties come out of clothing

Sometimes. While the neon paint provided for Life In Color (formerly Dayglow) parties is ACMI certified washable and non-toxic, it may or may not wash out of clothing. The best thing to do is to wear inexpensive clothing to the party and be sure to put your clothes in the wash as soon as you get home.

Often called “The World’s Largest Paint Party,” Life In Color is an awesome paint-filled rave that involves music, black lights, and of course, lots and lots of paint. The dress code for all Life In Color events is solid white clothing, but blue jeans are also acceptable.

Life in Color is currently on their Big Bang World Tour, check their website to see if it is coming to your city!

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The key to removing paint stains lies in identifying the type of paint - is it oil-based or a water-based acrylic? Learn how to remove paint stains from Kidspot.

Friday, September 09 2016