Did dave hestor really get fired from storage wars?

We dislike bringing bad news, but it's a done deal, Dave Hester is off the reality TV series Storage Wars, and with what we've found it's not likely that he'll be back.

According to Fox News, the former cast member field a lawsuit against the show for wrongful termination.

His lawsuit claims that he was fired after complaining to A&E execs about how several portions of the show were staged; he claims that items were planted to increase interest in the show, and that the bidding was often rigged to help build excitement.

He's even made claims that the show's producers paid for a female cast member to have plastic surgery to increase her bust size and help attract a male audience.

A&E is fighting back, though, attempting to get the lawsuit thrown out saying that Hester's claims are inconsistent, and that the portrait he paints of himself is exaggerated.